July 11, 2019

wherein lille starts a mailing list without being stalky

I understand, here, now.  I understand why so many bloggers take a break from writing.  Some of them say it's to pursue other endeavors.  Not me.  I just feel like the well has run dry.  I know it's in me, somewhere, but I need to wait until the waters are high again.

So I'm taking a break.  I'm not sure how long this will need to be, this break, but I know that I have some readers out there whose names I'll never know.  I'm not leaving you in the dust.  I've added a form on the right ... please shoot me an e-mail with a way to let you know when I pick this back up.  Most say the RSS is hinky, so I don't trust it.  Hit me up.  I'll get back to you.

In the meantime, could someone please tell the Universe to stop being so weird?  Much-appreciated.


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