May 13, 2019


I am not a spider.
On the seventh day of walking, the weather was gorgeous.  We had to cancel much-anticipated weekend plans because of shitty weather with lightning and fog and things flying through the air, so today, just to mock us, it was all blue-sky-with-puffy-clouds and verdant-everything and dragonflies landing on sturdy, bobbing blades of Johnson grass.

It was what StepBet calls a "stretch day", where you have to walk fifteen-zillion steps above your already aerial goal in order to not lose your money and get a curt e-mail informing you you're a loser.

I walked all over town and ended up back at the park, making laps to nudge up the number on the Archbracelet.

It was breezy, and children were playing, and I remembered a line from a poem written by a fellow student in poetry class in college:

" ... I say a quick child will chase all this chatter away."

I only remember two things from that poetry class.  One is that line, written by Renee or Rachel or something, and the other is that the men's bathroom across the hall was renowned for its ostensible bounty of glory holes.

I rounded the corner of the sidewalk and breeziness became a strong wind.  It blew my hair back and felt glorious under the deep blue sky, so I held my arms out and spread my fingers and lifted my chin, and felt the might of the wind, and then realized a couple at the park was staring at me with quizzical looks, so I pretended I was stretching instead and kept walking.

The wind thing happened again later, but this time, no one was watching.

Please don't get the wrong idea.  I hate the outdoors.  I despise the outdoors.  It has spiders.


  1. It sounds so nice.

    When you're outside and spiders appear, they can be dodged and forgotten about.
    When you're inside and spiders appear, a stressful battle for dominance of the household MUST ensue.


    2. LOL! Embrace the spiders, Lille. They want you to so BADLY.

  2. But of course. In such circumstances, one does what one has to do -- keep calm and stretch on...ward. �� You're a brave soul! Mona

  3. It has been pointed out to me that I need to clarify, with urgency, that my arms were only out a little bit from my side, and I was NOT doing the Julie Andrews thing. *cough*

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Of course you weren't, you wouldn't swing your arms outstretched and swing around in circles - even if in a field of flowers and with a good breeze, (you'd battle a tornado furiously just in case it happened inadvertently) - the very thought has me cracking an enormous smile