March 2, 2019

the wild virus

I knew I had arrived when no fewer than six people sent me the link to Thomas Benjamin Wild, Esq.'s performance video of "I've No More Fucks To Give":

The first came with a message - "Don't listen where anyone can hear you, just FYI."

The second, third, fourth, and sixth came with a message - "I just saw this and immediately thought of you!!!!!!!!1"

The fifth was hand-delivered on a phone in my office cubicle, also with the message, "I just saw this and immediately thought of you."

I fucking love what this says about people's perception of me, and about the people with whom I've managed to surround myself.

My son's grandmother gave me a t-shirt recently that says "I Run On Coffee, Chaos, and Cuss Words" and I love what that says, too.

So I've poked around a bit and it appears that this video, which went viral but is now in its post-viral T-cell-battered decline, promulgated Tom into unexpected Billboard and Amazon and Spotify territory, and I hope it's given him and his brilliant uke and banjo, together with his cast of collaborators, an opportunity to produce a second album.  I'll concede that I may be behind the times in this regard.

I'm also a bit miffed that he's in the vicinity of three-thousand miles away, i.e., Bedford, and thus not likely to be touring any local coffee shops here in, say, the next three decades.  I'm feeling this as a major loss.  Perhaps he'll visit nursing homes when he makes it across the pond.  I'll tap along with my cane.

(Does anyone else listen to this song over and over in their car?  Asking for a friend.)

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