February 28, 2019

the sensitivity of the adolescent male

Him:  Filet mignon (sous vide then pan-seared) with garlic zoodles.  Please lift my curse.  I'm browsing food porn and I can't stop.

Me:  I can't help you, seeing as how I'm ON A FUCKING LIQUID DIET RIGHT NOW.

Him:  Oh yeah.  Um.  Beef broth.

Me:  Mmmmmmmm.

Him:  Drink beef broth.  Yummy beef broth.

Me:  I am.  Right now.

Him:  Really?

Me:  Yes.  Here's my mug.  So good.  I'd eat Domino's right now.

Him:  Wow

Me:  LOL

Him:  My phone screen isn't even as oily as Domino's.


  1. For better or worse, he's got your snark :D

    1. It's definitely better! Er, at least, while he's using it for the forces of good.