February 15, 2019

dick pickle

(Text exchange ... does this count as helicopter parenting?)

The Kid:  "OMG best name for news reporter project"

Me:  "What project?"

The Kid:  "Speech and debate class / Eric and I teaming up / 15 min newscast, has to have lots of parts"

Me:  "So what name?"

The Kid:  "Richard Smalls"

Me:  "Smallwood.  Dare you."

The Kid:  "The thing is, we get points off for 'not appropriate' behavior"

Me:  "Then why do a joke name?"

The Kid:  "Because."

Me:  "Maybe Richard Gherkin"

The Kid:  "Richard Hardy"

Me:  "Nooooo Gherkin"

The Kid:  "Rick Hardy"

Me:  "Gherkin."

The Kid:  "?"

Me:  "Dick Pickle."

The Kid:  "YES."