February 18, 2019

a thing i suck at

It's going to be
okay, olive oil ... it's
going to be okay.
... is reading other people's blogs.  It's due to a combination of apathy and procrastination and "wait, what kind of sale is Old Navy having today?" all mixed together.  There is painstaking effort to ensure that I comment on a post when I visit a blog, so that there will be evidence that I did a thing.

But lately, I've been reading more, and realizing that there is some good writing out there, and while many of their posts are mundane like mine, there are gems to discover, too, the best of which lie in humor.

Tonight, I discovered RomComDojo.  The following conversation ensued:

Me:  *runs upstairs to P.J.'s office*  "OMG, there's a blog you need to read.  I know most of them aren't worth it, but this one really is.  Seriously.  She's hilarious.

P.J.:  *Skeptical Face*

Me:  "'Naked Rush Limbaugh covered in olive oil.'  There, that should make you curious, at least.  I'll send you the link."

P.J.:  *throws up in mouth*  "Why don't you just say 'shoe box full of roaches' and be done with it?"

Me:  *seven-second pause of frozen horror, then yelling at top of lungs*  "NOW YOU MADE ME HAVE TO CHOOSE!"

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