November 1, 2018

rascacielos y abanicos

For some reason, probably because My Brain, I still remember from middle school how to say "ceiling fan" and "skyscraper" in Spanish.

I have had an incredible second chance dropped square into my lap at work:  We hired a new guy and he's native to Ecuador.  I asked him to help me learn Spanish (which I have known just enough to get myself into serious trouble), and he said, "Are you sure?" and I was all cavalier and said, "Yeah!" and ever since, he won't speak to me in English unless absolutely necessary.  It's immersion or bust.

He's very patient and issues gentle corrections, never too much at once.

I am fucking loving this.

I took the requisite high school and college classes, levels one and two, and that's as far as I've ever gotten.  There's been no point purchasing software or engaging in anything autodidactic because I've had no one in my life to converse with to keep it going.

I'm pretty sure I have a gift for language, but it's never been put to use.  Words and phrases are being dredged up from the depths of my mind.  Sometimes I can think in Spanish, just a little bit.

Yesterday I got something right and I actually jumped up and down like a kid.  That hurt my shoulder, so I stopped, but the point is, I was giddy.  I hadn't realized how hungry I've been to flesh this out and finish the process of learning a language, at least well enough to gain passable fluency.

I just purchased three shabby textbooks off eBay.  This is the manner in which I learn best.  I need material presented in an organized fashion, not designed to make one quickly become conversant.  I'll have both aspects covered.

I know this bumps against all manner of cultural and political opinions.  I really don't give a brown monkey's shiny left testicle.  I'm enjoying the hell out of it.

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  1. Lille,

    When you learn how to say it in Spanish, please, please teach me how to say -- "I really don't give a brown monkey's shiny left testicle," and/or, alternatively, "Not my monkey, not my circus!" Ha! Mona