November 29, 2018

because of course you cleaned your room

7:23 a.m. text exchange:

The Kid:  "Think I sprained my ankle further by sleeping wrong"

Me:  "What the fuck were you doing in your sleep, running?"

The Kid:  "No, just twisted or something"

Me:  "There's an ankle brace that you left on top of your dresser three years ago.  Try it."

The Kid: " .... not on top of dresser"

Me:  "Sock drawer under all the single socks?"

The Kid:  "... nope"

Me:  "Maybe under those manga books I asked you to put on your shelf back in April?"

The Kid:  "IT'S NOT THERE"

Me:  "How about the drawers in the bathroom?"

The Kid:  "No"

Me:  "Buried in the recesses under your bed?"

The Kid:  "Really?"

Me:  "Whatever.  Just limp, then.  I can't help you if you don't clean your room.  Also, once you clean up your shit in the basement like I told you to yesterday, I'll tell you where I hid the PlayStation controller this morning."

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