September 6, 2018

wherein the spiders continue the hunt

Exhibit 1: Lying in Wait,
but I HAVE A RAV4,
It isn't just that when I opened the door to let the dogs out for their first morning pee, an orb weaver lowered itself and stopped right in front of my nose, apparently mistaking me for Wilbur wanting to have an existential conversation.

It's that when I left for work and began the descent down my driveway, my lights hit the other orb weaver's square-mile web just before I plowed into it, and I then learned that it is possible to drive through a spider web with the front of your car, while you're perfectly safe inside the cab, and still experience no less than ten minutes of The Crawlies.

I think The Oatmeal said it perfectly.  Take it, Matt.

(Don't forget to click on "Bonus Panel" under the comic.)


  1. So been there. Oh God. I think I need to go get another shower now that I've got the heebie jeebies again. *SHUDDER*

    1. It didn't help today when a stray hair brushed against the left side of my neck while I was working. I was so pissed off that I'd forgotten to carry a Klonopin in my purse. The panic attack was fun.

    2. Also, why you not writing these days? Everything okay?