September 12, 2018

such hateful things

"I don't know why
Good people do
Such hateful things,
But they damn sure do."
-Kate Campbell

I think I'll stick to texting my daddy.

I made the mistake of calling him last night, motivated by the need to bitch and vent ad nauseum about my motor vehicle department encounters (turned away three times, inability to find proper documents, rudeness, and general despair about the culture there, to name a few issues, though today The Kid finally got his learner's permit).  I knew I'd at least have a like mind in my daddy.

It didn't take long for the conversation to turn to Serena Williams' recent outburst of anger, under his steam roller style of steering the subject, and my daddy felt free to throw out the N-word again.

The conversation didn't last much longer.

I wish I understood why he is such a different person, in person.

I wish I understood why his voice must only be heard in my head, read off of a cell phone screen, if I am to hear his real voice at all.

I wish that word wasn't part of his real voice.


  1. My dad is the most wonderful person, except when he's talking about how gay people are being willfully immoral... -_-

    1. I expected coming out to my daddy to be the final straw, even told it matter-of-factly because losing him was foregone conclusion. He startled me when instead he said, "Well, when do we get to meet her?" I guess each of us is capable of holding contradictory opinions!