September 14, 2018

strange notes in the night

Our weekly-menu marker board is an extension of our penchant for leaving sticky notes around for each other.

Molly brought in another turd after the Corn Incident, but has since stopped because we re-instituted the bromelain in addition to MSG.  (Google just tried to replace "bromelain" with "lamebrain".)

Then, after appearing to be perfectly house-trained for two weeks, she had two more piddle accidents, two nights in a row.

The despair over her presence in our home has been enhanced by a new hobby of capturing and bringing inside for her snacking pleasure large insects, including a four-foot-long cicada that I don't even know how she got through the dog door and, yesterday, an innocent katydid.

I love katydids.  They're the exception to my All Bug-Like Life Forms Must Die policy.  But she had caught it and had it between her paws, lying under the dining table, so it was fair game and I had to leave her to it.

Later in the evening, we found the katydid.  It had merely been played with, mauled a bit, but not consumed.  Somewhere in there was some relief, but it was hard to spot.  I disposed of the croggled katydid.

Maybe she's part cat, too.  Embark missed that scrap of DNA.

So our marker board conversation has gone something like this:

Me:  (erased)  "TURD-FREE DAYS:  III"

P.J.:  (erased  TURD) " ____________-FREE DAYS" .... (note above)  "insert puppy transgression here"

Me:  (in the blank) "SNEEZE"

P.J.:  (arrow to SNEEZE) "not a transgression"

Me:  (arrow to "not a transgression") "All right, then.  EATING-KATYDIDS-FREE DAYS"

P.J.:  (crossed out EATING)  "mauling"

Whole philosophical discussions are often had this way.

The winds are picking up a bit here.  The hurricane talk is more frenzied.  I think this is part of being in a society.  It's not my favorite part.

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