August 30, 2018

editor's retraction

NOTICE OF RETRACTION:  The editor of Sparven hereby issues a retraction of certain statements contained in a previous post, specifically, a post of August 28, 2018 entitled "karma's doing ninety down a quiet city street", wherein it was stated in context that a hedgehog is a type of rodent.  Sparven has been asked to told to required to emphatically demanded to and its editor threatened with various and sundry medieval-era torments if it does not retract this information and clarify that it is, in fact, inaccurate.  Hedgehogs are not, at this time, scientifically classified as rodents.  Lille, the sole editor of Sparven, accepts full responsibility for this error and hereby issues this retraction subsequent to publication of the misinformation.

In the spirit of Fox & Friends, who recently could not bear to report on irrefutable, unspinnable evidence against Trump wrongdoings, I now switch to puppies:

(Molly nose-diving for crushed ice.  It's way better in person because she makes bubble-blowing sounds with her nose.  Donations of paper towels gladly accepted.)

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