June 18, 2018

the unthinkable things a person will do to belong

I'm doing the Bariatric Foodie StepBet this time.  It's her second one, and she convinced the company to re-work its algorithm so that the goals aren't astronomically high and unreachable.  My biggest weakness will be remembering to wear my Garmin Vivo.  I am only allowed to forget it one day each week.  The step goals will be no problem this time, even in the heat.  I just walked around the parking lot of my office building and sweating did not set in.  I passed a lot of planters filled with large, smooth stones and found myself wondering how to steal some, just one at a time, to use at home.  This was not a very nice thing for me to think, but if the medical community is going to advocate exercise, they're encouraging idle minds that might get up to didoes.

They're good stones.  But there are probably cameras.

I could walk on my own any time, and I've gone on several rants disavowing this kind of group thing, but in the end, what got me was the sense of participation and belonging.  I'll never meet or talk to these people, but ... I'm tied into something.  As irritating as I find the idea, that is a powerful motivating factor for me to do a Thing.  I'm not the self-sufficient island I like to think I am.  I need to plug in, to belong.  I'm a sucker for it.  On some level, I crave it.

Apparently, I'll even exercise for it.  But when Therapist Gumby says, "It's about damned time," I am going to scowl at him and cross my arms.  I have a reputation to uphold, after all.

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