June 27, 2018

it gets into your head

This StepBet gig is making me walk.  Really walk.  With sneakers on.  The three-months-ago me would roll my eyes at me.

Yesterday, I wore this ankle-length flowery prairie dress to work, in firm keeping with the gay agenda of conforming to the stereotype of a raging dyke.  When lunch time came around, it occurred to me that the dress probably wouldn't comply with the "wear appropriate attire" sign appended to the treadmill upstairs.  The treadmill would grab the hem of the dress and suck me into one of the belts and something undesirably orthopedic would happen.

I decided to brave the threatening rain clouds and go outside, into nature and stuff.  There's a street near my building that I'd never walked nor driven, so I headed that direction for the sake of variety.  I passed a few generic brick office buildings and rounded a corner, and very nearly gasped in surprise.

I am enthralled by canopied roads.  I remember them from when I lived in Florida and drove under Spanish moss.  I remember them from Chapel Hill.  They form a safe tunnel of woods, wrap around and protect and shade and shield.

I wandered beneath the elm branches bent from gnarled trunks.  My steps were light.

I went that way again today, this time with my phone and ear buds and Spotify.  My steps fell in time perfectly with "Et in terra pax hominibus" from Vivaldi's Gloria.

That is when I realized why headphones and ear buds are appealing.  I had always imagined a person was trying to be courteous to others in the vicinity, or shut out external noise, or make up for a lack of speakers, and maybe some of these things are true, too, but there is more.

The music was in my head.  Not coming from over there, or over there, or even around me during a performance, although that experience comes close, with the orchestra mere feet away on the stage.  But the ear buds put it right inside my head, with left and right ears indistinguishable.  The violins and cellos and boy choir and low bass notes and oboe and harpsichord were sounding in the middle of my brain.

It turned my thoughts to music.  My steps were the beat and pulse of a union of body and mind.

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  1. Queens Rd in Charlotte. Just sayin. And hahaha I really AM a robot.