June 15, 2018

dear harry, i don't hold it against you

Harry's heavily-advertised mail-order razors finally convinced me to try them, by means of a small flyer placed in our not-small-at-all box of coffee ordered from Keurig this month.  Three bucks (shipping cost only) to try one razor with kit.  Okay.  I'll bite.  My current razor is about as effective as a cheap spoon.

The foaming gel that came with the kit was poisonous to me because it contains cucumber extract.  I know of five other people on the planet who are allergic to cucumber like I am, and they all happen to be my imaginary friends.  The gel is probably amazing.

The razor, though ... okay, #Harrys, @Harrys, here's my official review.


I love the way it feels in my hand.  Just the right weight, solid, easy to grip, ergonomic.  You were right about all that.  I even love the shade of blue, but I have to say I'm impressed by this:

You put out a Pride razor!  Good for you.  Major points.

This razor gives an incredibly good shave.  I think it will last three days instead of two.  This is good because local temperatures this weekend and next week are supposed to be in sidewalk-egg-frying territory.

It gives such a good shave because it is sharp.  Very sharp.


This razor is sharp.  Very sharp.  Way sharper than any other newly-out-of-the-package razor I've encountered.  I was being careful, but it only took a slight errant movement of my wrist and I ended up slicing open a long wound across my left leg, just below and behind my knee.  The blood was copious.  I finally got the bleeding to stop and I'm thankful to 3M for making its NexCare, the only liquid bandage that does not burn at all.  Seriously, get yourself some of this stuff.  Nothing else on store shelves compares.

Also, the razor head popped off three times without my pushing that little release button.  Maybe it was just trying to save me from further blood loss.  For a moment, it looked like Psycho in there.

Conclusion:  I respect this razor, and I respect the company, but it isn't for everyone.  If you're a man shaving your face and you're experienced and well-seasoned, I recommend it.  If you're just learning, stay the hell away.  If you're a woman who doesn't have stick-figure legs, forget it.  This is an Advanced Razor.

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