May 28, 2018

even creepier than a reanimated corpse

There is little else muddier than a foxhole, and in addition to being completely unable to escape the messy mud of life and death all around you, there would be worms and bugs and probably some slithering translucent things that are never seen above-ground.

I think I'd rather be in a foxhole than to ever have to meet this again:

P.J. was going through years and years of unsorted camera roll, looking for pictures of Chester but also experiencing the slow, sinking realization that she is facing a twelve-hour project of getting her photos cleaned up.  We are speaking of a decade of not-infrequent picture-snapping with her phones.

And the expression about no atheists in foxholes bore out last night, because in spite of my atheism, when P.J. pulled this picture up and showed it to me, I reflexively slapped the tablet out of her hand and it went flying across the living room and I screamed, "THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!" at it and made a cross symbol with my arms.

Rose dug this ... thing ... up in our back yard and brought it inside seven or eight years ago, when she was an older puppy, and P.J. had to capture its unspeakable horror the way people whip out their phones during natural disasters or police brutality.  Me?  I had no memory of the apparition because even with my photographic recall, my hippocampus had extradited it straight back to the twisted hell from which it spewed forth.

What was it doing in our back yard?  What other evil lurks there?  I have chores to do today, like washing the grill because it caught on fire the other day, and cleaning the deck because the gaps between the planks are clogged with dirt and it's growing little plants now, and generally doing things with a spray hose that are really messy, and all of that is in the back yard, and I am now terrified.  Are there more of these things out there?  Do they watch me?

We need to sell this house.

p.s. Hey, mountain friend, I'm looking at you.  How do you think this compares with Creepy Olivia?  I'm really not sure who would win.


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    1. Thank you! (insert fifty-three gratuitous emoticons here) Honestly, I don't get the whole subscribe thing, but I *think* you have to go down to the very bottom of the page - there's a "Subscribe To" for posts and comments with the RSS logo - does that count? Also, is yours the one using the url "educationalmentorship"? Because if it is, you get major style points. -Lille