April 7, 2018

meet lille

Lille, age seven and a half,
because the half counts.
Someone found an old clipping from when Lille read a zillion books at school and got her picture in the newspaper, along with a group of other book-zillionaires.

My best friend was beside me, but says she was too obsessed with buttoning the top button of her dressy blouse to help me with my collar that day.

Lille thought she was ugly back then.  Her sister told her so.  Now I think she was adorably imperfect, the kind of kid I would dig today.  I don't say that lightly.  I don't really "do" kids in general.

She doesn't look vicious, does she?  I've decided she isn't.  There is something else afoot.  Where's my god-damned magnifying glass?

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