March 14, 2018

bumper stickers

At this moment, middle and high school students across America are engaging in their planned walk-out protest.  I am proud of them.  I am afraid for them.  My son shrugged last night when I asked him if he'd be participating, indicating my full support, and also my fear.  "Everybody will just be on their phones.  I don't see the point."  If he doesn't see the point, I can't drill it into him.  Maybe he's seeing it right now.  Pretty jaded for a fourteen-year-old.

On my way to work this morning, this:

I sat and picked it apart before deciding to take a picture.  From left to right, we have:

"Protect the Second Amendment" ... with a gun illustration;

"Kyle Hall for NC House" ... from his web site:  "Kyle Hall is a common sense conservative committed to the ideals of limited government, family values, and personal responsibility."  Code words, all code words for trampling the poor, installing a theocratic government, and blocking any measures of gun safety that are floated in a desperate attempt to restore sanity in our nation;

"I [Heart] My Pit Bull" ... I'm torn on this, because while conditioning is super-important in a dog, there are, it pains me to admit, genetic tendencies that can be triggered, not-very-nice ones, in certain breeds.  That isn't the point here, I'm afraid; this individual appears to have a pit bull as a means of participating in a subculture.  And that is disgusting to me.  I pity that dog;

Something green and white that I couldn't quite make out but which appeared to point to some local church; and

"Magpul" ... a gun manufacturer.

My ruminations about this car:

Any one of these stickers, standing alone, I could cope with.  If it was just one sticker.

Just the Second Amendment sticker ... this person has political views opposed to mine and that's okay.  Skunk-stench repulsive, but okay.  Free country.

Same for the Magpul sticker.  Person likes guns.  A lot.  Has a brand preference.  Wave my hand in front of my wrinkled nose.  Pee-yew.

Kyle Hall for NC House.  Conservative person.  I cancel this person's vote at the ballot box.  Also okay.  Still a free country.

I [Heart] My Pit Bull.  Some people work with rescues.  I would have actually respected the person for this, notwithstanding my comments about breed.

The Green Church Thing.  Most cars around this part of North Carolina have a sticker like this plastered on their vehicle, usually with their church's logo.  When did churches get logos?  But I would have scarcely noticed.

It's the combination of them all, lined up like an exclamatory sentence, that makes my skin crawl.  It screams, "I am a Gaw-damned Conservative Christian Gun-Totin' Hard Core Red-Neck and fuck you if you disagree, you no-spine pussy Liberals!  Behold my in-your-face Tercel!"  From this, I also infer racism, isolationism, general ignorance and a mind closed suture-tight.  I doubt I'm far off the mark.

And I have a problem with this.  A big one.  My tolerance can only go so far.  I don't suffer the toxic in our society.  I don't suffer the molecules that merge to breed the gun violence and the gun culture that are the proximate cause of massacres.

My kid is protesting right now (I hope) along with most of a generation of our future citizens.  They are of all races, climes, religions, from both sides of all tracks.  They despise guns and their minds are open.  They are the rule, not the exception.  They are nearly of age.  They will vote.  They are coming.

And you, my enemy met at the traffic light, will be drowned out, then feeble, then extinct.

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