February 27, 2018


What does an atheist trust in, when her wife is having surgery and she has no control over the outcome?

There is no higher power, at least nothing manifest, let alone beneficent.  Look around.

What can be relied upon?  What isn't as shaky and uncertain as my heart is right now?  Human hands will open her today.

I don't trust much of anything.  I don't trust trees.  It's evident that they manage, somehow, to abound and flourish, but I don't understand how they pull nutrients out of the ground and convert them into what seems to be augmented matter.  Not photosynthesis; that I can trust; just not the endless supply that seems to come from nowhere.  I don't trust that the soil will give them what they need.  I don't trust them to grow.

What does an atheist trust in?

Gravity is pretty solid.  But today, it will be irrelevant. 

Homeostasis and time.  Those are what I've got.  They work together to bring healing.  I healed.  She will heal.  And she is strong, my P.J.  She's made of stern stuff.  We've been through a number of blister-raw gashes in the past decade, and each of them has mended and been soothed and left behind stronger stuff.  Stern stuff. 

I can trust in stern stuff.

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